NitWits | Head Lice Treatment

Head lice are one of the most commonly reported health complaints in schools. In fact, more than 1 in 5 primary school aged children have head lice at any one time. As a scientist and mum to two young girls, Nadine Ismiel-Nash was well aware of the constant battle with head lice, hence wanted to develop an effective, pyrethroid-free head lice treatment that was easy for parents to use and hassle-free for kids. That’s how NitWits All-In-One, Australia’s #1 Head Lice Treatment*, was born.

NitWits was formulated to treat head lice infestations quickly and effectively and has been in the homes of Australian families since 2006.

Today the NitWits range includes not only Australia’s #1 Head Lice Treatment*, NitWits All-In-One but also several other pyrethroid-free products including NitWits Anti-Lice and Detangling Spray, a head lice repellent and detangling formula designed for everyday use; NitWits Combing Solution formulated specifically for long hair; NitWits 3-in-1 Head Lice Comb (a must-have tool for checking for head lice); and the original NitWits Head Lice Foam treatment with Natural Actives.

*combined sales value MAT 01-06-16

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