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Born from a mother’s love for her daughter.

The Sue Ismiel and Daughters story

Sue & Daughters is an empowering Australian business story highlighting the importance of family, women in leadership, entrepreneurship and acting on inspiration.

In the early 90s, Sue Ismiel witnessed her young daughter dealing with many hair removal product challenges due to having sensitive skin. At this point, all-natural products were less common on the market, but Sue knew there had to be a natural solution for hair removal. Coupling a mother’s initiative with a few basic ingredients from her kitchen, she developed an extremely effective natural, no heat, hair removal gel for her young daughter. That was the beginning of today’s much-loved brand, Nad’s.

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The Snowball Effect

Embracing the opportunity.

Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel quickly became a favourite amongst family and friends. After a couple of years of selling the product at the local markets, Sue decided to share the story on Good Morning Australia. The national exposure supported Nad’s to become a best-selling product in the Australian market and an award-winning business trailblazing its category. In 1998, Nad’s launched in the United States and again, dominated its category. All this and more was the exciting start of a new family legacy.

Our Brands + Products

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As a connected family, Sue & Daughters stand behind the values of honesty, integrity and commitment. In business, this doesn’t waver. The family’s united vision is to provide people with the best range of natural health and personal care solutions. The family brand truly empowers men, women and their families to make positive decisions around the care of their bodies.

Sue & Daughters place great importance on innovation, research and development of highly effective, easy-to-use products made from premium quality ingredients. Each product undergoes rigorous cruelty-free testing to ensure it’s safe and effective for men, women and children.

Sue Ismiel and Daughters Brands

Nad's Hair Removal

Nad’s was born out of a mother’s love for her daughter, and the power of that love has gone on to resolve unwanted hair struggles for millions of people worldwide. Since 1992, Sue and daughters Nadine, Natalie and Naomi work tirelessly with the Nad’s team to innovate men and women’s hair removal.

Conquer hair removal

Nad's For Men Hair Removal

To all the men out there, Nad’s has got you covered when it comes to unwanted hair. Since 1992, their products have made hair removal a no-fuss process. After researching, experimenting and testing (on humans), Nad’s is confident that their hair removal products are the best and deliver the results men desire.

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NitWits no.1 is a kind on kids, all-in-one head lice solution; created by NitWits Global Brand Ambassador Nadine Ismiel-Nash. As a busy, working mum, Nadine wanted to develop a gentle, fast-acting product to combat pesky nits, with an easy-use and hassle-free process for parents.

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Getting wild is part of life, and everyone deserves to enjoy it. Wyld is a natural libido supplement for both men and women, packed with natural herbs and minerals. Promotes a healthy libido, improves energy levels to sustain performance and assists in reducing stress and fatigue.

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Frankly Eco

We’re passionate about offering natural, plant-based skincare for humans big and small. Our products have no added nasties and are gentle and kind for you and your family. The ingredients we use in our products are ethically sourced, vegan, and cruelty-free. We are proud to be Australian made and owned.

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Philanthropy + Giving Back

Sharing the love.

The incredible success of Nad’s inspired the family to harness the power of their global platform to research, develop and expand the brand offerings across several categories. The phenomenal result of their first product and the rewards received have never gone unnoticed.

As the business has soared to greater heights, giving back and sharing the success with those in need has been paramount. Since 1999, the company has donated generously to various organisations, causes and charities. Here are some dear to their hearts.

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ChildFund Australia

Born with a natural care for others, Sue sponsored her first child through ChildFund in the mid-80s. As Nad’s wildly expanded, so did her commitment to ChildFund and the children of Ethiopia. Her desire to empower and support others and see them thrive inspired Sue to sponsor another 100 children.

Jean Hailes

The Jean Hailes Foundation is a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving women’s health across Australia through every life stage. Jean Hailes mission is to provide practical and easy-to-understand research for women and health professionals. Sue has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the foundation. Her contribution has helped fund the world-first Sue Ismiel International study into Women’s Health and Hormones—now published in a US Medical Journal.

Man Anchor

Man Anchor’s mission is to educate and empower the community with a basic understanding of mental health. The organisation highlights the importance of open and honest conversations, showing how one chat can change a life. Sue & Daughters recognise the value that Man Anchor delivers and are proud to stand behind this charity.

CEO Sleepout

CEO Sleepout has the vision to end homelessness for all and believes that everyone deserves a safe place to call home. Sue and her youngest daughter, Naomi, have participated in Australia’s CEO Sleepout on the streets of Sydney and across Australia to support the organisation’s powerful work!

CEO Cook Off

The CEO Cook Off unites culinary superstars with CEOs and Executives to produce fine dining meals for vulnerable individuals in the community. The joint initiative by OzHarvest and Qantas has shone a spotlight on the issues of food security, which impact youth in crisis and Indigenous communities. With an insatiable passion for cooking, Sue thoroughly enjoys giving back through this event.

Sue and Daughters

Oh, hello it’s nice to meet you!

Sue Ismiel & Daughters is a 100% woman-owned family global business. Together, they’re committed to developing problem-solving solutions–that work! The family is proud to have created Nad’s, Nad’s For Men, NitWits and Wyld as part of their worldwide brand offerings.

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Meet Sue Ismiel, Founder, Company Director and Nad’s Brand Ambassador. Driven by her life motto, “There is always a way”, it’s no surprise that Sue is recognised as one of Australia’s most successful businesswomen, entrepreneurs and dedicated philanthropists. For the past 30 years, she’s courageously strived to build a business that creates honest products that make a difference in people’s lives. As a business owner, she’s invested much love and care into fostering an empowering and uplifting workplace environment for all team members. There’s not a day that Sue isn’t grateful for the life she’s created.

Natalie Ismiel | Sue Ismiel and Daughters

Natalie Ismiel

Nat is the face of Nad’s along with its Brand Ambassador and Brand Manager. It was her sensitive skin that inspired the creation of Nad’s in the early 90s. Today, Nat brings over 20 years of marketing experience to the business and has served as the demonstrating force of their products at pop-up shops and trade shows. She genuinely enjoys connecting with consumers and is proud to have waxed thousands of brows (and other body parts) over the years as she chats about all-things hair removal. Nat is a glass-half-full kind of girl, a dedicated team player and isn’t shy about balancing it with self-care—yoga and spa massages are her indulgence.

Nadine Ismiel | Sue Ismiel and Daughters

Nadine Ismiel

Nadine Ismiel-Nash plays a pivotal role as Sue's eldest daughter. As Group Product Director at Sue Ismiel & Daughters, Nadine ensures that the company upholds its vision across natural health and personal care categories. Nadine is responsible for developing many ”world first” products, including Nad's Precision Eyebrow Wax Wand, Nose Wax, Exfoliating Wax Strips, Eyebrow Wax Strips and NitWits All-In-One. Her inquisitive nature and scientific background are imperative to the R&D of their products. She's also a proud mum of three gorgeous kids.

Naomi Ismiel | Sue Ismiel and Daughters

Naomi Ismiel

As the Creative Director and youngest of Sue’s daughters, Naomi heads the Graphic Design team at Sue & Daughters. Her creative and big-picture mindset is responsible for the cut-through design of all brand assets, from packaging and advertising to POS and website design. She’s continually inspired by the uplifting life changes each product gives each customer. The appreciation from consumers keeps her passion for building an exceptional family brand alive. Naomi is also a new mum.


Sue’s hard-working and entrepreneurial spirit is responsible for the success of the family business. Her tendency to reach beyond the status quo is why she’s received countless award nominations and won numerous prestigious awards over the years. In 2002, Sue won the National Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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