Over the past 15 years Sue has shared her successes with those in need, donating millions of dollars to various organisations, causes and charities.

Sue has always been a charitable person sponsoring her first child through ChildFund back in the mid 80’s. As Nad’s soared with success, so did her commitment to ChildFund and the children of Ethiopia. Sue sponsored another 100 children.

As the hair removal Queen, Sue has also dedicated herself to POSAA, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association of Australia. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is suffered by 1 in 8 women - A hormonal imbalance that can cause excessive hair growth on ones face or body.

“Our company is committed to enhancing quality of life with problem solving solutions. I strive to extend this commitment and make a real difference.”
- Sue Ismiel

Making a real difference, Sue has supported:

Some of Sue’s proudest moments were raising close to $250,000 for Westmead Children’s hospital’sPoppy Appeal”, donating $600,000 to help fund an international women’s health and hormone study for the Jean Hailes Foundation, funding a Cochlear implant operation for a young boy and she regularly provides funds to support the people of her hometown in Syria.

As Sue Ismiel and Daughters grows, so too will Sue’s philanthropic commitments and endeavours. Ultimately with the goal of dedicating the biggest part of her time to helping others.

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